Address requested for my school mouthguard

Your child’s mouthguard may be being delivered direct to home or to school, depending on the school’s pre-arranged preference. For good measure however, we always take down your home address via your school’s online order form just in case you order a replacement guard during the year, if you order any of our other products or you may need a E-Fitting Kit sent through. This means that we only send bulk packages to the school containing custom guards (if the school have requested guards from their fitting sessions are sent direct to school), which are carefully sorted and organised, and all other bits and bobs throughout the year get sent straight to student homes, meaning nothing gets lost!

If of course the school has opted for all guards to be sent direct to home, we have your original custom guard, along with anything else sent through to home by default. Any questions on this, just let us know via Live Chat or email ( and we will be happy to help!

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