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Our E-Fittings and Custom Mouthguards are not suitable for those with a fixed brace due mainly to the impression materials used.

In addition to this, the BOS (British Orthodontic Society) has recently suggested that various Orthoguards are actually more appropriate which feature a trough to accommodate the brace. They suggest that a ‘tailor-made’ (custom) mouthguard would need changing more frequently and may not be a viable option for the orthodontic patient. Please see full advice surrounding mouthguards from the BOS here.

Custom guards are suitable for those using Invisalign or similar clear aligner treatment. Aligners need to be fully removed before impressions are taken with your E-Fitting Kit and must again be fully removed during use of your custom mouthguard.

We have Orthoguards available for use during the time the wearer has a fixed brace attached.

Using E-Fitting Kits

Firstly, you won’t get it wrong because we’re here to help! Since running our Video Call Fitting Service we haven’t had a single wearer that has been unable to get their guard fitted successfully using an E-Fitting Kit.

Secondly, we give you plenty of impression material to ensure you have multiple attempts at getting the perfect impression.

If in the unlikely event that you use up all of your impression materials having multiple attempts at getting a sufficient quality fitting, we’ll send more impression material free of charge and even book you in for a Video Call Fitting Appointment with a member of our team to guide you through. It’s normally a very simple fix if you don’t quite manage to get it right first time.

We advise that 7 years old is the minimum age suitable for an E-Fitting and custom mouthguard.

Custom Mouthguards
  • Superior level of protection
  • Unrivalled fit and retention during participation
  • Specifically manufactured against your dental cast
  • Your dental cast now held in stock for 10 years meaning you can get a new mouthguard without having to be fitted again in any way

Simply order online via our ‘Custom mouthguards’ section. You can select your preference of fitting method before adding your guards to your basket for each wearer. We’ll then get your E-Fitting Kit sent out and you will either be fitted via Video Call Fitting Appointment with a member of the Titan team or using the instructive materials provided in your kit and only in addition to using our live chat facility to check that your impression is perfect.

You then send the impression back to us using prepaid postage materials provided, we get your custom mouthguard hand-made and sent back swiftly.

Any child who has missing/erupting/teeth that are due to fall out, are still able to complete the impression process.


For any missing teeth, we use a process called blocking out, this means we digitally add any missing teeth into the dental mould before making the mouthguard, this gives room for the new teeth to grow into.


For erupting teeth, we digitally extend the smaller erupting teeth to the length of the exact tooth on the opposite side this will allow for the tooth to grow naturally into position.


For teeth that are due to fall out, the original tooth will still be present in the impression, meaning when the new tooth does grow through, this will have room to allow for natural growth. Most children who’s teeth are still falling out will usually change their mouthguard each year until the adult teeth are fully formed.

Boil & Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite mouthguards are great if you are only going to be playing sport for a very short period, or perhaps your going to try a sport for the first time and you need something to get you out on the field or in the ring as quickly as possible. Boil & bite or other similar temporary guards offer an easy solution for a basic level of protection.

School or Club Fitting Session Visits

We run many Fitting Session Visits at school and clubs around the UK. To find out if we’re visiting yours anytime soon, click here and submit an enquiry and we’ll get back in touch swiftly.

Get in touch via our client enquiry form here, let us know the name of your school or club, the position you hold there and when you were looking to book in for a Fitting Session Visit. We’ll then get back in touch swiftly with more information, service options and potential design choices for your club/school special mouthguard.

Titan Members

Simple – if you have an impression in stock with us, you are automatically a Titan member and have unlimited access to perks, discounts and special offers in the Titan members section.

When you order your first custom mouthguard, you are provided with you Impression ID. You can then simply login to your account or enter your Impression ID at any time to get access to the members section and a whole host of special offers, discounts and perks.

Special offers and perks vary and are ever changing. We offer special sitewide discounts to members, along with perks like free gift products with mouthguard orders, £5 re-fittings if you grow out of your dental impression used for your mouthguard and 2 day members delivery on replacement custom mouthguards outside of September.

It’s 100% free to be a Titan member and gain access to member perks as long as you have an impression in stock with Titan. We keep impressions for 10 years and if you grow out of your impression you can simply get re-fitted with a brand new impression for just £5.

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