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At Titan, #WeCare about Women's Rugby, #WeCare about Women's Sport, and #WeCare about the #iCare movement.

The organizers of the Women’s Six Nations tournament made the announcement on 13th January that instead of running alongside the men’s tournament as scheduled, the women’s games would be postponed to an as-yet to be determined date, “later this spring or early summer”.  Sports has changed completely over the past year, and sports personalities have weathered each blow admirably. Players have been completely understanding of the postponement, however what wwitnessed next was entirely unexpected.

At Titan, we saw the update on Sky Sports’ Instagram, announcing that the Women’s 6 Nations were to be postponed due to Coronavirus. The post was matter-of-fact and neutral, however we were pretty baffled and somewhat incensed to see the comments popping up immediately underneath the post..

Stranger after stranger started trolling the post, declaring their belief that “no one cares” and that Women’s Rugby is “not elite sport.  


Quite soon, however, a movement began with just two words in a hashtag. Under every troll comment in the vein of “who cares?” there began a stream of “I care.” 


Women and men, alike, went to twitter to declare WHY they care about women’s rugby. 

Charlie Beckett put it delightfully in his column with Talking Rugby Union:

“Women’s rugby is quick, it is tenacious, it is skillful while physical, tactical while chaotic, enthralling while intriguing, and edge of your seat nail-biting and action-packed.  
Currently, in England, there are 28 full-time professional women’s rugby players… 400 players are playing at the top level of English rugby... 28 are professional, but more importantly, 372 are not!  
372 of these elite athletes, who perform and compete at the top level of their sport, week in and week out, are doing this while having another job! There are nurses, doctors, police officers and firefighters, finishing a shift on the front line and going straight to training. There are teachers, accountants, shop workers and physios, getting up at the crack of dawn to get a gym session in before their 9-5. The list goes on and on.” 

To show our Support, we have launched the #iCare Mouthguard and £5 of every purchase will go towards Women in Sport

The charity, Women in Sport was founded in 1984, with the goal of giving every woman and girl in the UK the opportunity to experience the transformational rewards of sport.  

“To achieve this, we inform through our research into women and girls’ relationship with sport and physical activity, innovate through partnering with sport deliverers and inspire using our insight and expertise to bring about changes in policy, practice and attitudes that lead to greater opportunities for women and girls in sport.” 

Together with this groundbreaking Charity, we hope to change the culture of sport so that sexism and discrimination becomes a thing of the past. 

Keep #iCare going. Women’s sport is sport. #WeCare.  

As always, we’re on hand every day if you have any questions.  

You can drop an email to info@titanmouthguards.com or use our Live Chat Service. 


~ Laura,  



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