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We expect you to have complete satisfaction with your custom mouthguards, along with any other products you receive from Titan. However, if you’re unhappy in any way, we have you covered! Have a look below at our returns approach for various product lines and then get in contact with the details of your issue. On week days, we’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours via email or within just minutes using Live Chat or phone between 9am-5pm. This may be slightly longer in September due to the seasonally busy period here at Titan.

(Our contact form and full contact details can be found at the bottom of the page)

Custom Mouthguards

If we do say so ourselves, the aftercare offered at Titan is the best in the business, so if you have any issues at all with a custom mouthguard received at any point during its lifetime of use, simply get in touch via email, live chat or give us a call.

There are options to send the guard back for custom adjustments, re-fitting of your dental impression or complete remakes of guards, all of which can be provided at no charge. If in the one in a million case applies to you where the issue cannot be resolved, you can return your guard using the postage labels provided and we will get you fully refunded for your order.

If the wearer is over 13 years old we also keep your dental impression in stock for life, so should you lose your guard or it just gets a bit tatty during the 4 matches you're playing a week, you can order a replacement at reduced cost and rapid delivery at any time throughout the year!

If there is a case that is not a manufacturing error, we are not responsible for free of charge replacements. In the case of the mouthguard being severely chewed or mistakenly put too close to a source of excessive heat (e.g. tumble dryer or radiator, direct sunlight for long periods), the customer is responsible.

E-Fitting Kits

If we have sent you a Home-Kit to complete, and you find you won’t have need for your mouthguard, you can return your unused E-Fitting Kit at any time within 3 months of purchase using the postage labels provided.

Due to the cost that goes into preparing the kit, the processing of the custom order and the free of charge 2-way postage included, we charge a £5 processing fee for returns of unused Home-Kits. You are then refunded the remainder of the order in full. Funds will take 5-10 working days to reach the card holders account.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process a refund if your order is outside our 3 Month Refunds & Return window, however, we would still love to process the order for you. If you no longer have the impression materials for an E-Fitting, we charge for the difference in product price and a £5 processing fee to cover material and postage costs. We will then send out another Home-Kit for you to complete!

If in the unlikely event that you have a problem with using your E-Fitting kit alongside our fitting services, simply get in touch with details of the problem and we'll swiftly resolve any issue for you.

Non-Custom Guards and Other Products

All other stock products can be returned within 30-days of purchase. Just get in touch with us providing the wearer name and the item(s) you would like to return, we will then provide you with a returns form. We will process your refund for the items(s) in full. Funds will take 5-10 working days from the processing of your refund to reach the card holders account.

Delivery Info

Custom Mouthguards

We aim to have your mouthguard dispatched from Titan HQ within 10 working days from the day we receive your dental impression. During our peak period in August and September, any impressions received between 15th August and 30th September are subject to a 10-15 working day lead time due to increased production volumes. 

If you would like to change your delivery address after you have placed an order please let us know as soon as possible and we would be more than happy to update that for you, provided your order hasn’t already been dispatched. We wouldn’t want to post your custom fit mouthguard to someone else!

If you experience any issues at all with your order (missing components, issue with fit) please let us know within 30 days or receipt.  For anything outside of this timeframe we may not be able to provide Free of Charge replacements or full refunds.

E-Fitting Kits

We wanted to make our delivery process as seamless and as easy for you as possible when using our E-Fitting Kits. That’s why we pay for all postage and provide a Freepost Returns envelope to send your impression back to us at your earliest convenience.

We aim for E-Fitting kits to be despatched the same day you order (on weekdays) and you should allow 2-3 working days for the package to arrive. If you need a quicker delivery time, feel free to get in touch and we’ll let you know the options – we know that getting the right guard for the big game can make all the difference!

If you lose your E-Fitting impression materials and we are required to send out extra, we do charge an administration/postage fee. This covers the materials, the administration of someone manually packaging your extras, as well as the postage required for us to send the package! 

Lost Impression Tray: £4
Putty: £6
Whole Kit: £10

If the first or second impression is not suitable upon verification, we will happily dispatch another two sets of putty free of charge. If our Live Chat, Video Call facilities or email verification services are not used for the first or second impression attempt and another set of putty is requested, the customer will be charged £6 for putty replenishment.

Should a third set of putty be required, we do charge an administration/postage fee of £6 to cover additional costs. 

Any unsuitable impressions returned without verifying via Video Call fitting appointment, Live Chat or email will be subject to the whole kit charge (£10) for a new kit to be sent to obtain a new impression.

Please get in touch with us at and we will direct you to the additional payment.

Replacement Mouthguards

We aim to have replacement mouthguards turned around and with you within 10 working days of of the day you placed the order. Delivery for replacement guards is free of charge. If you do need a quicker delivery time, feel free to get in touch and we’ll let you know the options – just in case you’re panicking that your guard’s missing from your kit bag the week of the big game!

We keep dental impressions in stock for 25 years for wearers over 13 years old and for 6 months if the wearer is younger than 13 years old.

If your replacement mouthguard does not fit due to the movement of your teeth, then please get in contact. An E-Fitting kit can be dispatched for an additional £10 to take an  updated impression for another mouthguard. Please then return the guard that no longer fits with your new impression and we send back a fresh new mouthguard – all that for another tenner! 

If you experience any issues at all with your order (missing components, issue with fit) please let us know within 30 days or receipt.  For anything outside of this timeframe we may not be able to provide Free of Charge replacements or full refunds.

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