Should My Mouthguard Cover All of My Teeth?

Today, I’m answering a question I come across often when speaking to people in the market for a mouthguard! How do you know if your mouthguard fits (properly, safely and comfortably)?  

My checklist at the bottom makes it easy. 

A mouthguard will only provide premium protection if it is well fitted and covering the teeth correctly. A well fitted mouthguard will not be too short vertically, exposing the roots of your teeth, nor too tall and digging uncomfortably on your gums.  

The dental industry standard is that the mouthguard should cover up to and including the first premolar to ensure the highest level of protection from the guard for the wearer.  

A common misconception is that to provide ultimate protection, a mouthguard must completely cover all teeth, however an overly large mouthguard will cause the wearer to gag. Mouthguards should not go so far back in the mouth that they hinder speech or make breathing more difficult when playing sport.    

Your new Titan Mouthguard will provide the highest level of protection and uphold the integrity of safety, whilst being more comfortable to play in. 


Does your mouthguard drop out of place when you relax your mouth? 
You shouldn’t need to clench your jaw to hold a mouthguard in place! 

Does your mouthguard let you breathe and speak? 
Try wearing your mouthguard whilst going about your day; have a chat, take a sip of water, breathe naturally. With the right mouthguard, you can do it all. 

Are your front teeth covered? 
Smile in the mirror – If the tops of your pearly whites are visible, you ought to find an alternative mouthguard. 

As always, we’re on hand every day if you have any questions You can drop an email to or use our Live Chat Service!

~ Laura,  


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