Welcome to the Titan Blog – I’m pleased to say that even by reading this you’re becoming part of the Titan family!


Since the company started, back in 2010, the goal has been to make mouthguards affordable to all, without losing quality. Playing sports shouldn’t be exclusive, and mouthguards don’t need to cost £80+. Our custom fit mouthguards are designed for comfort and complete dental protection, and if we do say so ourselves, they look pretty cool too! 


Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll be kept up to date with any new products, changes in prices and Titan news, so definitely follow along if you like a friendly and informative read. 


Also, here on the blog, we’re going to attempt to answer all of your questions, sports and mouthguard related. You’ll be fully informed with an easy read about anything and everything you need to know. We do the research so that you don’t have to! 


We’re on hand every day if you have any questions.  


You can drop an email to info@titanmouthguards.com or use our Live Chat Service. 


~ Laura

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